Curse of Strahd

Session 3

Strahd introduces himself to the party, at which point Kolmogorov tries to tell him a story. Strahd asks him if he knows any others, and when Kolmogorov freezes up momentarily, Strahd beckons him closer. For some reason, Komogorov agrees. Strahd says “I could tell you such stories…” bites his ear off “…but I doubt you would hear them.” Strahd licks the blood from the ear.

Strahd is clearly amused by the party’s attempts to protect Ireena, while Donavich has fled to the church, urging everyone to take refuge inside. Strahd summons a series of zombies. The party fights them, and when only a few are standing, Strahd wreathes the battlefield in fog “to make it more interesting”. Nomi turns into a horse to go get Ireena into the church, but crashes into Kettle while trying to do a fancy leap over him for some reason. As the party retreats into the church, Tev and Heskan feel a burst of unholy magic in the fog.

Strahd stands in front of the entrance to the church, but does not cross the threshold. He asks Donavich to invite him in again, which angers Donavich, who was apparently promised his son would be returned. No invitation is forthcoming, so Strahd rides off on his nightmare (a horse with a flaming mane and hooves).

The party spends some time securing the church for the night. Before they go to sleep, Ismark finds an old map of Barovia in the remains of the church’s small library, which he gives to the party. Overnight, the party is plagued by strange dreams.

They head down the road out of the village, but hear a woman in a house crying with grief. Ireena mentions that she’s known as “Mad Mary” but seems embarrassed by that name – apparently she’s always been called that. Peeking in the window, there’s no sign of her, though she may have simply been out of sight. Kettle is annoyed at the delay, and begins imitating Morgantha talking about grinding up children for dream pastries. Ireena agrees with him, and the party eventually moves on.

A few hours down the road, they meet a disheveled man at the crossroads leading to Tser Pool. He greets Nomi in druidic, but it quickly becomes clear that he has been corrupted by Strahd, and equates serving Strahd with serving the land. He becomes more and more agitated with Nomi bringing outsiders.  However, Kolmogorov is able to read his mind, discovering that Strahd has tasked this druid with something that the druid already failed once at. Tev uses this to imitate Strahd telepathically, and convince the druid that they have been sent to help. The druid cowers at the voice of his master, and beckons the party to follow.

A short while later, they arrive at a small druid grove. At the center of the clearing is a stump with a spear sticking out of it. The spear calls to Nomi, telling him to take it and drive the beast from the land. The party decides to take the spear, and then convince the druids to leave the clearing, as the druids indicated there are traps and defenses throughout.

Nomi takes the spear, then disdainfully tells them their grove is all wrong and it won’t do. The druids are convinced to leave, and shortly down the path the party turns on them and kills them before the druids can even react.

The session ended with the party arriving at the northern crossroads, with Ravenloft to the east, and gates to the west. They have about 4 hours of daylight remaining, and should arrive at the Old Bonegrinder with 2 hours to spare, should there be no further detours.


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